Sunday, March 29, 2009

ah, deliciously shameless self-promotion

as you can see to the right, i've posted a mini-etsy widget for my fledgling jewelry site. i love etsy because they take the whole web hosting and design thing out of my hands and make selling easier than ebay. etsy is also all about exclusively handmade and vintage reselling allowed! i also like the "shop local" option to look at other artists' work in the area, though when i say "seattle," i mean "SEATTLE," not lynnwood or vancouver, thx. i'm hoping to get up more new pieces in the next couple of days because, let's be real, this girl's gotta eat! please enjoy :)!

the depths of kjadehom's shamelessness: kjadehom etsy

Friday, March 20, 2009

holy wows

gianfranco ferre icy stilettos. holy shite. magical.

thx to one of my favorite fashion talents/bloggers/photogs: jakandjil

Today is for the Deuce

Hair: Dear Deuce, please do the Leigh Lezark, not the Nicole Richie. L.L.'s hair is gorgeous and edgy and feminine. Richie's is momish and boring. Plus the L.L. still seems long. The only other thing I can think of that you might do is leave it long and shave one side above the ear and have bangs that sweep to the other side. It would really work with your zipper fetish, but I can see M feeling a bit chilly about the whole operation. However, he is supposed to love you for who you are, and you are one hot babe who could really pull it off...maybe add a purple streak or something.

Pants: Look what I found for YOU!

"Python" leggings, $58.00, ZIPPERS ON THE ANKLES!

Now shave your head and shut the fuck up.

Did you like that? That was so your inner dominatrix would come out. Hope it worked.

hair today...

gone today?

thinking about doing something drastic to the hair. i've been detesting it for about 3 weeks straight...and just hating it for about two months. what to do, what to do..?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

THOSE boots

thanks to ford model, chanel iman, for wearing these be-buckled beauties by akiko ogawa. i love the general slouchiness contrasted with the sharp, angular nature of the heel. soft, natural leather v cold, metal plates.

courtesy of stylesightings

yes, the architectural, mirrored wedge heel is reminiscent of a certain stella mccartney favorite, but akiko, i ain't mad at you!

courtesty of fashionfifthavenue

another thank you to style and the city for an additional view of the boots. chanel, i think you've brought intense recognition to a worthy designer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

yes, it's paris fashion week

and there are a million other designers and styles to look at, but there's something about christophe decarnin for balmain's rock-and-roll-louche vibe that i love. there's nothing particularly innovative, but i don't look to him for that. i look to balmain for now.


this look is so simple: leather jacket, skinny straight pants (cropped or full length), white top with a twist (sequin stripes in this case), sweetly-bowed yet studded shoes. this kind of edited style requires great pieces. to pull something off so simple and accessory-free (save a belt and shoulder dangly), the pants, shoes, tshirt, and jacket better be on point. i must write that down for future reference.

and i suppose natasha poly ain't so bad herself.

the black leather moto might be my signature piece. yes, my boyfriend calls me "the fonz" a lot, but it's worth it.

what does he know, anyway?!? women dress for other women, so take that! i just want one that's longer, now, to wear during the colder months like either of the below:

from rick owens season to season or

courtesy of balenciaga autumn/winter 2007.

but back to the balmain runway. i don't want to underestimate christophe decarnin's design skills. one thing that has been incredibly prevalent for a little while now across the board is a return of 80's fashion. balmain's little twist on this modern, feminine, slender motorcycle jacket is the exaggerated shoulders. it's beautiful editorially, but notsomuch IRL. loves you, balmain!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

heeeeey ladies.

So, I'm new to the blog and I've been trying to get my ass to sit down and write a post for some time now. And, now after reading you two's, I'm only slightly intimidated.

So, in the meantime, while I come up with something equally witty and hip, I'll just throw down some practical lady knowledge for y'all.

I work in three different boutiques in Seattle that are geared towards the fashion forward lady on the go. (I can't believe I just typed that) Bear with me, I'm working on no days off all for the large discounts I get at said boutiques.

First, Bellefleur Lingerie in Fremont. We sell hellza bras that are hellza cute as well as some naughty naughty lingerie. I didn't realize, well I suppose I did a little, the extreme importance of wearing the right size bra. Almost EVERY single lady that steps into the store is wearing the wrong size. This job has made me completely obsessed with boobs, especially those of my friends who refuse to come in, get properly sized, and wear the correct size. Trust me, it's worth it. It changes how you stand, how your clothes fit, and makes you feel just downright sexy. The most common problem women have is that they are usually wearing too big a band size and too small a cup size. So, if you think you're ohhh lets' say a 36A, you're probs something more like a 32C. The size part aside, not every bra works on every woman. That's why you come to an expert who can properly pick the best one out for you. And, don't go to a certain store in the mall, either. Those girls have NO idea what they're doing and most likely won't know what to put you in.

So, there's that. Whew, I am obsessed with boobs. So, come to Bellefleur and I can size you and put you in something AWESOME. We also have tons and tons on sale. I'm talking $25 bras.

While we're on the topic of SALE, at the other two shops I work in, there's still some cute stuff on sale from the Winter. And since, Seattle is still somewhat freezing, it's quite applicable.

Dolce Vita in Ballard: OMG Sandals! But, wait OMG floral print rompers with built in underoos. Perfect summer gear, especially on the bike. There's still some holdover Winter garb on sale including wool capes, scarves, and some ankle booties.

Kimberly Baker Jewelry in Fremont: Go to the website to check out the SALE merch that will soon be a distant memory. Kim has retooled the line to welcome some new pieces and get rid of some pieces that no longer really represent the spirit of her and the line. That includes some totally dope pieces, though. I'm sad to see them go but they are really really affordable now. Kim also is in the habit of making one of a kind pieces that are only available in store. I just nabbed a rose gold locket that is too die for. Not only is rose gold totes unique, but it goes well on everyone's skin tone and looks good paired with both silver and gold.

Longwinded much? I'm done. I'm going to study some more street fashion. (HA!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

is this love?

silky pants!

i'm totally down for this spring 09 trend. i'm even almost convinced myself that this might be a good transition piece for later summer/early fall. i love the color. i love the fabric. i love the cut. it's generous without being true harem of dhoti pants. these are just some basic, slouchy silk trousers.

if my legs were longer, i would see these with mid ankle rough-and-tumble boots, but since i'm both short and short-legged, it's be more like bandage heels, gladiator wedges, or, gasp, simple pumps (which i do not own). sigh.

they also come in purple and hot pink!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

is it terrible that i like this?

even if paired with heeled combat boots or predator heels?

thanks, mango, for tempting me with cheap, fast fashion.

the thought of chalkboards makes my fingers itchy

but i saw this and thought it was too cute/awesome/accurate/neat to not share.

i fully realize this has nothing to do with style, fashion, vitriol, or household tips....but shit. i just like design-y stuff like this. and oh yeah, i like bikes.